Happy Clients

here are some testimonials from happy clients
"Dario is a joy to work with. Diligent, professional, straight-talking and insightful. He's helped me navigate some difficult projects and tackled all challenges head-on. I know I can absolutely rely on Dario."
"As a freelance businesswoman my workload can be a rollercoaster and I am often juggling multiple deadlines. Dario and I have worked together on numerous projects and he has eased the burden during moments of madness. For instance, he has managed stats, juggled translation projects and hired team members. In addition, he has proofread (a lot!). Above all, Dario’s can-do attitude and friendliness is second to none."
"Dario has been instrumental in setting up and growing our social media - bringing us into the 21st century. Dario is 100% trustworthy, reliable and focused. He keeps us on track and has lots of new initiatives to keep our content fresh and exciting. I'd happily recommend Dario to any business looking for help with their social media."
"We are a small tennis & squash club and needed help with our social media presence to promote our club, attract new members and engage with existing members. Dario was very professional, he listened to what we were trying to achieve and suggested the best channels as well as content to engage with our target audience.

He has set up an Instagram and LinkedIn account for us and posted engaging and informative content which helped to raise our profile. He also managed our Facebook and Twitter pages recommending content that included advertising our junior summer camps which boosted the numbers attending. He has been very committed and put in the hours to help us achieve our goals and would highly recommend him to any business needing support services."
"As a freelancer, you reach a point where you feel you can't cope with everything, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. I worked with Dario for a while for the same client, and when I thought it was the right moment to ask for help, I didn't hesitate to contact him.

He is helping me with content curation and creation and improving Prêt-à-translate's visibility outside Spain. This enables me to focus on translation work and finding new clients. It's great to feel that the machine doesn't stop when you're busy with other things! I'm very happy to have Dario on my team and I'm pleased to recommend his services at I am Dario."
"Thank you for your recent support with our group policies. Your understanding of the brief and the engagement with the team was seamless and the writing was eloquent and on point".
"Dario is an extremely focused, meticulous and experienced professional and his personable and charismatic manner makes him very approachable and easy to work with. The social media marketing content he designed for me was spot on and helped increase engagement and generate new clients for me.

I feel he really took the time to listen to what I wanted and made the effort to understand my business to produce impressive eye-catching and slick content in a very short space of time.

I would recommend Dario to any business owner seeking support as he genuinely cares about making your life easier and is highly competent with producing quality outcomes and results tailored to your business."
"We needed a new voice answering service and I contacted Dario to assist with this. The process was seamless and took very little time. I provided a script and, after some consultation with Dario, we amended this until it was just right.

After that, he provided some really useful insight - that the existing messaging system was too long and complicated. COVID meant we needed a fit-for-purpose messaging system to connect a remote office to remote customers.

In conclusion, our business is delighted with Dario’s tone when clients reach our answering service."