How can I help?

I help clients in the following ways

Social Media 

Social media gives you the power to reach out to more people than you can with traditional marketing, and one of the best ways to engage and connect with your target audiences is by creating good content.

Content liked by your audience helps increase your brand’s visibility.

The way to stand out on social media is to create valuable posts that align with your brand and goals and then distribute that content on the right platforms.

My speciality is developing a client’s brand tone and creating and curating content for LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

The Instagram accounts I manage (click below to see the pages):

Caledonian Envelopes


Snowdrop Cleaning Services

Jasmine – PR/Marketing Agency

PFI Sign Plus

PFI Lofthus

Accountability / Project Support

Sometimes as a business owner, it’s easy to put off specific projects.

You might be too busy or have been procrastinating. We are all guilty of that at times!

Where I have been helpful to clients is to be a sounding board in the first instance, but also someone trusted that could get things done.

A great example is my work with Wolfgang Depauli, a sales specialist running his business, Wolf Business Development.

Wolfgang and I meet on Teams weekly, where we run through goals and milestones, mainly with me ensuring that he stays on top of posting on LinkedIn.

I also supported his business by creating Wolf Business Development’s new website.

The link is here: Wolf Business Development

With my Spanish client Prêt-à-translate, as well as creating content for socials, I help with blog writing for owner Alicia’s website.

The link is here: Prêt-à-translate – blog

I understand business challenges well and enjoy helping my clients untangle these.

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